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Car Window Regulator Repair

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Car Window Regulator Repair

The window regulator is one of the most utilized components of your vehicle. Often, most people don’t consider all the mechanics that control a vehicle’s windows. Over time this regulator can begin to malfunction due to normal wear and tear. Although this isn’t a safety hazard it can be quite inconvenient.

There are a number of reasons why the regulator will not work properly and the window will not roll up/down.

1)   The Car Regulator will simply break

2)   The cable will thin out and no longer work

3)   The cable may get off-track

4)   The plastic attachment pieces may get worn out and no longer function

5)   The Window glass may come out of its track

Luckily, a window regulator is easy to repair. We recommend having the regulator inspected as soon as possible if your window is not functioning properly.

As a quick fix, until you have the time to get a regulator repaired, you can tape plastic over the window to keep your vehicle safe and dry.

Call us today to schedule a quick and simple car window regulator repair. If you can’t come to us, we’ll send out a mobile repair technician to you to make the necessary repairs.

Call for your free quote now (866) 984-2024.

Our friendly techs are ready to answer your questions.

You can schedule a time that is convenient for you, and with mobile service, you can have the work done at your home or office.

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